There are lot of scenarios and areas where Weseeble is useful in a windmill industry. But there are four major areas where Weseeble is extensively used.  They are :- 1.    INSTALLATION UPDATE2.    THIRD PARTY INSPECTION3.    ROUTINE CHECKS4.    MAINTENANCE WORKS  


We are aware that a windmill is something which is installed in one of the remotest part of the earth, somewhere inhabitants of very low where there is no category, etc. It really becomes critical to communicate the sight where the windmill is being installed to the stake holders. The windmill has a provision to do this. Example, a windmill has been installed for a period of 5 days.This is where the Weseeble has the capability of giving you the updates on a day to day basis. It can tell you on day 1, the grouting was completed and the bottom section was installed. On day 2, the mid-section was installed. On day 3, the top section was installed. On day 4, the nozzle was installed. On day 5, the whole job was completed with the windmill blades mounted and the routers. You can upload videos, pictures. It can give you day wise updates with pictures to authenticate the scenario. So the complex situations are the one which require more pictures or a video to explain the scenario. For situation which require a voice update, definitely you can do a voice. Not only that, we can even upload any well-known file formats like pdf, excel for the stake holders to review. In this situation, the stake holder gets to see from remote what’s exactly happening at this site 24/7, and he also gets an update on a daily basis before and after.So this is one of the areas where the installation of windmill is reported through the Weseeble application. 


As we all know that the third party inspection is basically something, where the windmill installation is done by different group of people. Whereas the third party inspection is done by different group of people.The third party inspectors can be brought into the application and can be given access to the application, where they can report acceptance or rejection through pictures. If there is something else which requires more explanation for an acceptance or a rejection, they can even do a video. And on top of it, there is always a standard way of uploading or reporting things through a document like pdf, excel or word. So the stake holder once again gets to see, what is done by the people who are installing the windmill and what is being done by the people who are doing a third party inspection, how are things coming up at the remote site.So this is the second scenario where Weseeble finds in a good application and bringing in the third party inspection and collaborating them with the installation and the stake holders. 


This is a very important area where Weseeble finds its application. As you all know that every vent farm requires a routine checks of various mechanical parts, electrical parts, hydraulic parts and oil. So in a routine check scenario, the technician who does the routine check has access to Weseeble through his mobile device. He can make pictures, videos and check lists can be prepared and uploaded, so that once again the stake holders can have a look at what is happening to their vent farms sitting from remote locality. 


This is the last stage, which is a very simpler thing compared to most of the previous 3 applications. Whenever there is an error in the major part of the videos or the spares which has been repaired or the area which has been repaired, can be reported through pictures, videos and voice messages and the corrective actions can be taken for that. Those things can also be reported using the Weseeble application, thus keeping in touch what is happening in the maintenance of vent farms on day to day basis.  

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