Wind energy is one of the largest alternative energy production methods today, and as the global push for greener energy sources is increasing, so is the number of windmills installation. The propelled rate of global wind energy use, the increasing number, height, and component weight of turbine towers, and the persistent search for new territories for wind farms are bringing more challenges to the windmill installation. This article focuses and provides simple but effective solution by bringing followups, updates and collaboration of key stakeholders and Subject matter experts to a common platform. Taking a wind project from fully consented to fully installed requires multi-discipline engineering expertise, along with a working knowledge of heavy cranes and wind turbine installation logistics and above all a platform to update, follow up, collaborate and report live project status at ground zero. That is exactly what Weseeble does.

Weseeble brings Visibility to your Orders, Weseeble’s intelligent automation handles your Job work follow ups and updates in real-time because you have better things to do. Weseeble is a simple system for tracking, updating and collaborating on your Job & its status

Weseeble facilitates activities like collaborating with specialist structural engineers to get the ground works designed and specified, and then manages civil engineering contractors and their work by bringing live & visual updates to all stakeholders.

In Parallel, Weseeble can ensure liaison between the client and the wind turbine supplier and heavy lifting contractor by bringing them to a common platform of update and collaboration, this ensure all of the access upgrades and crane pads are delivered on time and to the correct specification.

Once installed Weseeble can bring up all updates regarding the G59 testing and turbine commissioning until the Final Acceptance Certificate is issued. Throughout the installation process Weseeble ensure that the Project Management team along with the stake holders and other parties involved are updated from time to time with relevant visual, documented updates with necessary platform to collaborate and agree.

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