There are lot of areas where Weseeble application can be deployed in a Ship Repair industry but there are 4 key areas where this is used extensively and it brings lot of benefits for the user. They are:  


Let us see all the 4 key areas in which Weseeble application is covered in detail. 


For example, the ship or the vessel is in the high seas and the snag gets developed. In the current scenario, what happens is the snag is noted down in an issue log book and its recorded, if there is a local solution available within the vessel or the ship it is attended to or it is kept as a pending issue, until the ship is docked for servicing.Now Weseeble comes into play whenever a snag happens. Weseeble has the capability where the snag can be picturized or if there are further details required to be captured as a video or voice messages, can be added to the scenario and this can be created as a snag item, and can be sent to the technician who is at the dock. So what happens is, the technician knows well in advance what the nature of the snag is? What are the spares required? And who are the technicians required to execute this job? So that when the ship docks, these services and the materials available are ready to be used and the snag is basically completed in a quick time. 


This is where any ship is done whenever the ship is docked and not in the seas. So most of these ships get docked in different parts of the world and the shipping company which executes the repair work sits in different part of the world. The communication becomes a key requirement in this case.Whenever there is a repair which is carried out, Weseeble has the capability where it can capture by images and assess the situation. Once the work is completed, it also captures the completed work. This is reported on a daily basis, so the customer might it be a shipping company sitting in different part of the world gets to see the status of the work updated on a daily basis. And the bill, invoicing and the payments are also based on evidential reports which are generated through the application. 


This is where the application finds the key usage, any of these works which are being done are inspected by a third party. There are lots of third parties, example Lloyds, which is one the Third Party Inspection bodies.So when you call up Lloyds, they can also use the Weseeble application during any work, which is done by a particular company can be inspected by a third party. So the inspection reports can be posted for the work, and if there are any issues they can be reported, and the photos or the videos can also be uploaded substantiating the acceptance proof or the rejection proof. Not only that, if there are any documentations which is in PDF or XLS or any popular work format those can also be also uploaded and can be put into the system. So it allows third party inspectors to check and approve the work done. 


This is the last and the final place where Weseeble finds an application. Now these are something which are carried out in a routine manner in any kinds of vessels or ships, and whenever it requires any authentication through an image or through a documentation, then such thing can be done through the Weseeble application, during any routine check you can upload a check list and someone can walk around the machines or the critical areas, where the check list is kept on tick and the images of the check conducted is also captured, to authenticate that those checks have been completed.    

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